DATEIV - Dynamics and intelligent lighting control system to optimize the energy efficiency of road infrastructure (IG-2013/0000146 / IG-2014/00067 / IG-2015/0000656)

This project represents an opportunity to improve energy efficiency in road infrastructure. DATEIV is a logical result of technological developments such as LED lighting systems that enable dimming lighting, and scientific developments as the evolution of techniques and intelligent video analysis algorithms for data fusion and classification. The aim of DATEIV project is the design and implementation of a system for dynamic and intelligent dimming lighting technologies based on traffic flow detection and removed from the analysis of historical data of energy consumption and intensity of lighting knowledge. The implementation of this system would optimize energy efficiency in road infrastructure.

Project funded by the Basque Government through its GAITEK program (IG-2013/0000146 / IG-2014/00067 / IG-2015/0000656).