TM80 - Development of a new concept of design of remote control for the mobile sector (IDI-20130634 / IG-2013/0001035 / IG-2014/00077)

The main objective of the TM-80 project is the development of a new family of remotes, exclusively focused on satisfying the needs of the mobile sector, with which the company wants to prevail in the sector worldwide, focusing directly to a specific product, those markets where the leading manufacturers of mobile machinery are concentrated. TM-80 is presented as a strong commitment to the convergence of the developments necessary for the implementation of a new product and technology that supports and requires a strong commitment to research and innovation. Cooperation between the experience of the industrial sector (starring IKUSI), and the know-how of R&D provided by subcontracted specialized agents, guarantees satisfaction goals.

Project funded by the Basque Government through its GAITEK program (IG-2013/0001035 / IG-2014/00077 ) y por CDTI - Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial. (IDI-20130634)