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Collaborating with Boeing on New Airport Technologies

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Ikusi is participating in a research project spearheaded by Boeing, the world leader in aircraft manufacture, which aims at the automation of airport operations from approach to landing and rotation up to aircraft take-off from an airport, including the automation of the vehicles operating on the airport platform, managed remotely without drivers. These innovations seek the improvement of operational efficiency, greater productivity and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

This project financed by the Spanish Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, CDTI) is aimed at research and development to automate airport operations based on the application of a 4D language for aircraft being developed by Boeing, applied to vehicles on the runway to enable them to run without drivers. Ikusi is assuming the role of systems integrator for control centers in an overall Total Airport Management framework combining the ground and air sides. In brief, Ikusi's participation will revolve around the integrated management of airport processes and operations, the communications infrastructure for independent vehicles and the data management infrastructure in airport environments through the development of middleware integration (SWIM).

This project will help in the development of the Spider A-CDM and Beluga solutions and is vital and strategic for diverse reasons. It legitimizes Ikusi in a new area of airport management (Operations and Planning), paves the way to collaboration with Boeing and opens new areas with clients such as Enaire or Aena. In a more internal context, it will allow for the application of the know-how acquired in the area of traffic to airports and the development of niche hardware products with Ikusi Electronics.