Ikusi’s Spider Pax Flow renewed with two new developments: Passenger Demand Forecasting and Passenger Journey

Ikusi’s Spider Pax Flow renewed with two new developments: Passenger Demand Forecasting and Passenger Journey

Airports Thursday, 18 February 2016


Spider Pax Flow is one of the main solutions that Ikusi will be presenting to the market at Passenger Terminal Expo (Cologne, Germany. 15-17 March) Spider Pax Flow solution offers innovation in the operation of critical infrastructures and responds to the growing need of operators to monitor the state of the airport from a global perspective. It also enables airports to track passengers on their journey through the airport in order to find out passenger demand at any given location in the terminal and to measure capacity in each area of the airport in real time. With this solution, operators can anticipate bottlenecks and detect potential problems early on, and then take proactive steps to prevent them from happening. These indicators are obtained by integrating various data sources and systems which Spider Pax Flow then converts into knowledge to support managers in their decision-making.

Passenger Demand Forecasting module is part of the Spider Pax Flow passenger process optimisation solution. Using algorithms based on complex neural networks, combines the operations programmed using historical data from a range of airport sources (AODB, passenger tracking).

This information is tremendously useful for a whole range of stakeholders operating at the airport as it enables them to plan their resources and personnel needs in advance thus optimising operating costs and maximising their productivity.

From a global perspective, this demand forecasting tool helps airports enhance their operational efficiency and passenger experience by cutting queues and waiting times while maximising their resource productivity.

Finally, Ikusi´s Passenger Journey is a module conceived to track passengers' movements in real-time, from the car park to the departure gate. Using COTS (commercial of the self) CCTV cameras, the Passenger Journey module is able to   anonymously and passively detect and track passengers using facial vectors.

Through this innovative technology the airport operators will be able to detect patterns on the passenger flows and get transit times from one sub process to the next one (From Check-In area to Security Check Point).

Ikusi, over 35 years' experience in the airport sector

Ikusi's offer for the airport sector is based on its in-depth knowledge of the sector stemming from its broad experience and technological domain that enables it to develop solutions and services capable of responding to the sector's changing needs. Ikusi carefully analyses its customers' specific goals and businesses and adjusts itself to them, becoming a strategic partner. This added value offer has made it possible for Ikusi's solutions and services to be operating in over 130 airports in 25 countries across 4 continents, and provide service to 250 million passengers worldwide.