Modelado de datos y sistemas

Data and systems modeling

Ikusi avails of a complete offer in services enabling data and systems modeling for cities, identifying the existing data sources in the city that can contribute relevant data to subsequently be turned into information by cross-referencing, and transmitting this knowledge to support decision-making that will enable the activation of automatic measures.

Ikusi has highly qualified professionals who can enable the integration of practically any data-generating system on the Spider Smart City platform. We create ICDs (Interface Control Documents) to record every integration conducted, thus assuring the continuity of the city's Smart project. We define control panels or dashboards based on a series of pre-defined indicators, designing new indicators based on the city's problem sets and management modes.


privacy policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the VELATIA S.L., is in accordance with the Organic act 15/1999, for the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, and other regulations that develop it.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the VELATIA S.L., informs the users of the following:

All the information expressely provided by the user shall be included in an automated data file. This information may be used to carry out statistical research, general or otherwise; for the personalization of the services provided and for the transmission to the user of advertising, offers or products, in accordance with the characteristics obtained from the information provided.

The user accepts the sending of information to the physical or e-mail addresses provided.

The VELATIA S.L., is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal information and treating it with the inspections and under the supervision defined by law 15/1999 and other applicable legislation.

The user has the right to request information and verification of the recorded information and to request, should it be necessary, the total or partial rectification of said information. Similarly, they have the right to request the cancellations of all information.

Minors are not permitted to provide information, nor exercise the above-mentioned rights, without the consent of their parents or guardians.

The user shall respond, in all cases, for the authenticity of the information provided by them.