The main objective of the project is the development and implementation of a traffic control center C-ITS tool, which allows to control and manage, remotely, C-ITS infrastructure equipment (RSU C-ITS). This new cooperative control center will integrate mechanisms for collection and use of information received from the vehicles on the route (the collection of information is done through computers RSU C-ITS), as long as dissemination mehcanisms that allow sending traffic information directly to the vehicle. Thus, the platform will allow the implementation of C-ITS applications for better management of the road infrastructure. It is important to highlight that, the project will integrate the platform to be developed with the prototype equipment RSU C-ITS from IKUSI, which will allow to provide a unique technological solution to customers and infrastructure operators and will strategically position it in the international market systems and C-ITS equipment.

Project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, in the Plan of Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016. (TSI-100102-2013-61).