NITS - Intelligent Hw / Sw Node integrated for the integrated management of ITS equipment and cooperative technology (IG-2013/0000081 / IG-2014/00010 / IG-2015/0000034)

The main objective of NITS project is the design, implementation and evaluation of an experimental ITS infrastructure active node with a flexible, modular and open architecture, which integrates the functionalities of existing universal remote stations ERUs, established by the UNE 199011 and the functionality of the future cooperative RSUs also meeting European standards of cooperative ITS technologies. This experimental asset is accompanied by a software that allows remotely monitoring, control and management of deployed equipment. Thus, NITS aims to exploit synergies resulting from the integration of various ITS devices, and position the Spanish industry in a strategic position in the research and development of the increasingly important market for ITS systems for transport.

Project funded by the Basque Government through its GAITEK program (IG-2013/0001035 / IG-2014/00010 / IG-2014/00010 / IG-2015/0000034)