BIGVIDEX - Big Data Analytics tool for CCTV sensorizations systems (IG-2015/0000437)

The main objective of the project is the design and development of a BigData Analytics tool to store, manage, analyze and exploit large volumes of video from systems of video surveillance beyond the functions of surveillance and security, applied in the case concrete mobility management.

The Big Videx project includes, therefore, the design and development of three main components that encompass the Big Data Analytics Tool for data mining CCTV video:

  • Imaging systems using CCTV video cameras that are combined with computer vision algorithms for field analysis of the scene and extracting information about the mobility of people and / or vehicles in urban environments.
  • Platform central server-based tools Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for storage management of content and processed information received from CCTV systems, secondary algorithms for the combination to the highest level of data from multiple camera systems, and generating indicators (KPI) that summarize and exploit the raw data into information to aid in decision making.
  • Interactive web for managing videos, dashboards and geographic location for general presentation of indicators and analysis of data mobility through attractive and intuitive visual representations, content search systems and treatment of events and incidents tool.

Project funded by the Basque Government through its GAITEK program (IG -2015/0000437)