INSITI - Integration of Cooperative Intelligent Transport in Smart Cities by providing heterogeneous data mobility  (IG-2015/0000693)

The main objective to be achieved during the project INSITI is the design and implementation of a platform using the Information Technology and Communications in conjunction with processing techniques Big Data to manage, analyze and exploit large volumes of traffic data and very heterogeneous in nature from traditional information sources ITS systems, open data solutions, C-ITS FCD systems and solutions based on nomadic devices. Through the use of advanced information processing techniques, INSITI platform will enable rapid and reliable characterization of traffic that allows the dynamic categorization of traffic, and detect traffic patterns and congestion situations among others. INSITI integrated solutions for this type Big Data and Business Intelligence through Pentaho software and architecture defined by Fi-Ware. Thus, the architecture of INSITI and shown in Figure 1, allow put in a special place for Basque companies in the field of ITS in the field of Smart Cities, as there is currently no commercial solution that allows integration, data processing and exploitation of C-ITS and ITS from heterogeneous sources.

Project funded by the Basque Government through its GAITEK program (IG -2015/0000693)