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Glasgow Subway Travelers to Receive Information from Dolphin On-board

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Ikusi will be implementing Dolphin On-board, its travel information solution, in the new trainsets coming into service in the Glasgow subway system in 2020. These are 17 driverless trainsets to be built by Swiss railway producer Stadler in Altenrhein, in partnership with its partner Ansaldo.

The purchase of these units carrying the Dolphin On-board travel information system falls under the integrated modernization process undertaken by the Glasgow subway, the oldest system in the world along with that of London and Budapest. It suffices to recall that the tunnels of this infrastructure were built in the day of Queen Victoria.

The first contacts between Ikusi and Stadler took place in September. Further conversations followed in record time, in which the Swiss manufacturer particularly assessed our integration capabilities, the solution’s flexibility and Ikusi knowhow on the subject of on-board data networks, supported by its alliance with Cisco. IRIS certification made it possible to speed up the contract, shortening the process of certifying Ikusi as a supplier.

The Dolphin On-board travel information solution improves user experience through audio-visual content in the form of data, entertainment or advertising.

Based on real-time data obtained from operating systems, Dolphin On-board provides people with real-time visual and acoustic information on timetables, services, traffic status and incidents, among other factors.