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Ikusi to manage AICM slots

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Ikusi has been the company selected by AICM-Mexico City International Airport to allocate, administer and monitor the slots (takeoff and landing time slots) through its Condor solution, which optimises slot allocation in line with the worldwide standards laid down by the International Association of Air Transport (IATA).

The Condor solution proposed by Ikusi is capable of ensuring an orderly management of airport slots in such a way that the airport’s operating capacity will be maximised. Condor is a top-level solution that assists specialised airport coordinators not only in their work to plan the season, but also in the daily management associated with the requests of airlines and unforeseen changes that inevitably arise during everyday operations.

Condor has already been successfully deployed at other airports, such as the one at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil or at Cuba’s international airports.