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Ikusi equips the Irish Rail Mark IV Intercity fleet with a 4G/WIFI train-track communications solution Mark IV de Intercity de Irish Rail

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Operator Irish Rail has once more entrusted Ikusi to modernize the equipment on its Intercity Mark IV trains, improving their train-to-ground communications. The solution developed is based on 4G/WIFI communication equipment from its partner, Cisco, which will enable on-board seat reservation data updates, train-to-ground alarm diagnostics and train status data transfer, and provide passengers visual messages from the control center.

The Ikusi solution to be installed on the 8 trainsets covering the Dublin-Cork route will improve experience for both operators and passengers. The former will be given on-line access to train status from the control center and the capability to program diverse maintenance jobs in advance. In addition, it allows for the reduction of operating costs, thanks to the automatic updates of the seat reservation system. These improvements in operation redound to the experience of the passenger, who will be able to travel more comfortably and receive information of interest.

This project represents Irish Rail’s renewal of the confidence it places in Ikusi, which supplied its passenger information, communications, diagnostics, seat reservation and train-to-ground communications systems for this fleet in 2007, on which it has been doing the preventive and corrective maintenance for the past few years.