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Ikusi presents its global offer for Smart Cities in Smart City Expo Puebla

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Ikusi will participate in the 2016 edition of Smart City Expo Puebla fair, which brings together leading personalities and leaders institutions of change and urban transformation, to present its global offer for Smart Cities. A proposal that added value of both Ikusi experience in communications networks and integration of systems and services in areas such as security and mobility, among others.

Ikusi defines its model Smart City as the holistic vision of a city that applies ICT to improve the quality of life and accessibility of its residents, ensuring sustainable economic, social and environmental development in continuous improvement. Effective management of urban services resulting in an optimal use of available resources (cost savings), increased security for citizens and their belongings, improved response times and performance, an urban development more sustainable, faster and safer for pedestrians and vehicles moving, and participatory inclusion of citizens in the management of the city itself.

In this occasion Ikusi presents its IoT Government platform for the city (Spider Smart City) and solutions for operational management of Urban Mobility (Owl).

Spider Smart City allows those responsible for making decisions to improve the overall management of cities, increasing the efficiency of everyday processes and improve security, strategic planning and overall satisfaction of citizens.

Meanwhile, Owl is a family of solutions that enables comprehensive management of urban and interurban mobility, optimizing the capacity of infrastructures by managing transportation, efficiency in operation and exploitation, and access to information in real time.

Also noteworthy is the collaboration agreement reached from Ikusi with the Get App company to offer the market the best App for citizen. Those attending the fair will have the opportunity to discover this app, the first who brings together all the services for a city, immediate information, tourist attractions, which stimulates trade and creates value for citizens.