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The Huila Public Security Project Expands

  • 1 Dec 2017
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In Huila (Colombia), Ikusi is undertaking phase two of this public security project that, in its day, spelled out the first implementation of Armadillo, Ikusi's proprietary security solution, in Latin America.
Over the months that the system has been operative, authorities have validated its utility and decided to expand it to abother five new municipalities, where 25 surveillance cameras will be installed: Barayá, Hobo, Tello, Villavieja and Yaguara.

Project expansion also includes the incorporation of new capacities to improve function and operativity. Thus, the Armadillo version will be updated to endow the system with decentralized recording capacities and "federated" functions.

Decentralized recording will make an additional step possible in the continuity of communications between the municipalities where the cameras are installed and the Control Center in Neiva. On its side, the "federation" capacity will make easy and simple supervision and monitoring of the different security systems installed in different locations possible from a single control center, optimizing the human resources managing security and making it possible to scale incident management. Federation will enable the unification of multiple independent Armadillo systems under a single virtual system: an ideal solution for urban video surveillance throughout a city or several cities, as in this specific case, and the management of central monitoring services enabling the central monitoring of multiple independent clients, while at the same time supporting the autonomy of local security operations.

“Federation” represents a potent and advanced architecture that synchronizes cameras, alarms and all kinds of events between different locations without the intervention of security personnel. This way, manual synchronizations or warnings are no longer necessary between sites; rather, these are done automatically, significantly improving overall system capacity.