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Ikusi and Nextel S.A. sign an agreement to offer an integrated security service for critical infrastructures

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Ikusi and Nextel S.A. have joined efforts to respond to the need to implement new security measures in order to comply with the new legal framework governing the protection of critical infrastructures. Specifically, the offer resulting from the agreement between Ikusi and Nextel S.A. is aimed at so-called critical and strategic operators, operators who, from now onwards, will be designated as such by the National Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (NCCIP).

Ikusi and Nextel’s offer is aimed at providing consultancy services to critical operators, and is the fruit of the combination of Ikusi’s expertise in physical and electronic security and Nextel’s experience in consulting and cyber security. The combined capabilities of both companies enables them to offer the market a fully integrated security service (physical security + logical security).

This joint project undertaken by Ikusi and Nextel S.A., which will be presented to the market under the name of Project for the Implementation of a Critical Infrastructure Protection System, will offer consultancy services to critical and strategic operators in relation to compliance, by their organisations, with the regulatory requirements of law 8/2011 of 28 April and the regulation it implements, implementing these requirements as Critical Operator (CO) and managing the Critical Infrastructure Protection System (CIPS). The project will be based on offering technical advice and the planning of projects emerging from the Operator Security Plan (OSP) and the Specific Protection Plans (SPPs), from an integral point of view, encompassing everything related to technical measures in the areas of physical, electronic and logical security.