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Ikusi showcases its offer for Smart Cities at the Smart City World Expo

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Ikusi’s offer in the area of Smart Cities makes available to the market its dual expertise combined with recognised experience in a wide range of areas, such as the integration of telecommunications networks and the integration of systems and services in areas like mobility, security, energy efficiency, and solutions for the charging of electric vehicles. A reality that provides great added value since Ikusi is capable not only of designing and developing the network infrastructure needed to turn a smart city into reality, it can also provide and integrate the solutions that make the integral management of a town or city possible.

Spider, Ikusi’s smart platform

Spider is Ikusi’s Smart City platform incorporating all the subsystems of a city; it enables automatic actions and provides a global view of the state of the town or city. Spider allows those responsible for making decisions to improve the overall management of cities, to increase the efficiency of everyday processes and, at the same time, to improve security, strategic planning and the overall satisfaction of the citizens. Featuring among its main characteristics is the fact that it provides knowledge about the situation in real time, allows KPI measurement and prediction to be made, automatically activates predefined actions on the basis of events, allows the monitoring and forecasting of the city’s processes to be carried out as well as the planning and optimisation of the city’s resources.
Spider provides city managers with valuable information and generates the knowledge that enables them to make strategic decisions. That is what we at Ikusi call Smart Business.

Our vertical solutions

Ikusi is also backed by experience spanning over 30 years in a whole range of processes that play a part in the city's day-to-day activities (security, mobility, energy efficiency, electric vehicle charging solutions, etc.). By incorporating information and communications technologies, Ikusi has provided these processes with intelligence. Right now, over 30 towns and cities have Ikusi smart mobility solutions and a further ten have deployed smart security solutions.