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Ikusi showcases its latest developments for public transport at Innotrans

  • 1 Dec 2017
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For another year, Ikusi will be taking part in a new edition of Innotrans (Berlin 23-26 September) to present its complete range of solutions for the public transport sector. Ikusi will be taking part in this new event with two new developments it is showcasing at the international Innotrans 2014 exhibition. One of them is a web tool for the operating and integral management of quality in public transport.

Ikusi is making available to public transport operators a web tool to monitor, supervise and control quality by means of data storage, analysis, display and exploitation technologies; these enable quality to be measured and decisions to be made on the basis of the data gathered and the state of the indicators specified to guarantee the degree of conformity/fulfilment of the target quality established for public transport operators.

Through the management and mass analysis of data, this tool leads to greater efficiency, flexibility, comfort and safety in the use of public transport networks. In short, it allows the perceived quality to be increased and the value of the system's quality indicators to be raised.

Furthermore, as an expert in ticketing systems, Ikusi has incorporated into its offer fare barriers which will be available on the market during the first quarter of 2015. They involve robust, modular adaptable equipment that allows operators to reduce fraud in the use of the service, and to carry out efficient management thanks to the remote control and supervision possibilities afforded by these devices. This equipment has been designed based on open architectures that allow it to be integrated into existing platforms.

Ikusi and public transport

Ikusi offers integral solutions for operating different modes of urban public transport (Bus / BRT / Tramway / Light Metro / Metro / Suburban) as well as in multi-modal interchanges.

This is a proposal endorsed by over 20 years working in the sector; its main aims are to improve passenger experience, guarantee safety, increase income not linked to the main activity, and operational efficiency.

For this, it has a broad range of cutting-edge solutions and services like:
· Operational management solutions.
· Fare management solutions.
· Traveller information solutions.
· Integrated safety solutions.
· Solutions for increasing income.
· Infrastructure maintenance and management services.