Security Solutions for Smart Cities .

Ikusi presents an offer in specific security solutions oriented towards supplementing its global offer in the area of smart city installations. Security in a city is an essential service that Ikusi, through its proposal in products and services aims to optimize in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

For Ikusi, smart city security must cover two dimensions:

  • Critical Infrastructures that provide the services essential for city development, for which Ikusi deploys a portfolio of specific solutions grouped together under the concept of infrastructure security (link to section).
  • Public security as an essential service required by city residents, which allows for developing the city proper and guaranteeing sustainability of its social environment as well as quality of life for the citizens comprising it.


Ikusi focuses its portfolio for these surroundings on specialized integration and security systems (integrating applied software security) for environments where secure interoperativity, mobility and connectivity of security devices is a priority.

  • Incident management system for centralized operation from a control center (GIS tool integration) oriented to improving operator situational awareness and optimizing response capacity and coordination through procedure and communication systems automation.
  • Integration platforms that facilitate interoperativity with the specific systems existing in both public areas and sensitive infrastructure.
  • Specific video surveillance systems that can be managed on a multi-site architecture.
  • Specialized systems for real-time video content analysis in urban settings (facial recognition, crowd assessment, …)
  • Specific wireless communications systems for security systems deployed in exteriors.


In coherence with the smart city concept, Ikusi integrates its security solution into its proprietary tool, Spider-SmartCity, in two-way communication, enabling the city's security operative to receive city status inputs and the city operative to receive security inputs, thus adding specific value to both operators.