Soluciones para Redes de Telecomunicaciones y TI




Comprehensive and reliable solution for network infrastructures.

Ikusi's advanced solutions protect mission-critical IT architectures through security technology controls to minimize the risks that can occur with managing and exposing information in the day-to-day operation of corporations.

Ikusi's cybersecurity solutions protect the perimeters and layers of the network where sensitive organizational data is located. This is accomplished by placing the necessary means of secure access to information and integrating user identification mechanisms, early detection visibility controls for advanced threats, and applying information analysis solutions to identify abnormal behaviors during data exchange in and out of the organization.

These security solutions enable you to protect information and data located on end-user and mobile devices, on physical and virtual IT infrastructures that are housed in traditional, software-defined data centers, infrastructure, and software applications of leading public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as data within specific purpose software solutions offered as a cloud service.


Routing & Switching

Optimizing your network infrastructure.

For more than 20 years, Ikusi has developed the ability to design, implement and operate networks - from common devices to modern integrated systems - with Routing & Switching, Wireless and, in some cases, Logic Security solutions.

CORE technology allows the customer to rely on their base infrastructure and install the applications of each business.


Internet of Things

Solutions for the Internet of Things.

Our solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) are based on the integration of universal sensors connected to common devices through the internet, which provide the possibility of knowing the state of almost anything in the universe, Eliminating the border between the physical and digital worlds.

These advanced solutions enable remote management due to all information gathered by sensors that is managed in the cloud, which ensures their availability anytime and from anywhere.

Because our engineers specialized in the design of Internet solutions of the Things and specific infrastructure we can ensure that each customer complies with the international standards of their industry.


privacy policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the VELATIA S.L., is in accordance with the Organic act 15/1999, for the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, and other regulations that develop it.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the VELATIA S.L., informs the users of the following:

All the information expressely provided by the user shall be included in an automated data file. This information may be used to carry out statistical research, general or otherwise; for the personalization of the services provided and for the transmission to the user of advertising, offers or products, in accordance with the characteristics obtained from the information provided.

The user accepts the sending of information to the physical or e-mail addresses provided.

The VELATIA S.L., is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal information and treating it with the inspections and under the supervision defined by law 15/1999 and other applicable legislation.

The user has the right to request information and verification of the recorded information and to request, should it be necessary, the total or partial rectification of said information. Similarly, they have the right to request the cancellations of all information.

Minors are not permitted to provide information, nor exercise the above-mentioned rights, without the consent of their parents or guardians.

The user shall respond, in all cases, for the authenticity of the information provided by them.