Smart Solutions for Security

Ikusi is a company specializing in the development of innovative technology-based solutions for integrated security management, which cover both physical/electronic security and applied software security for infrastructures (transport, power, sports installations, government and business): an offer that Ikusi completes with its mastery of the communications networks on which these solutions are based.

Integrated security management

The Ikusi security proposal revolves around its specialization in solutions that enable the centralized management of electronic security systems in keeping with the reality of each infrastructure, and its specialized knowhow in the reference technology on the market combined with a proprietary technological foundation. In this sense, Ikusi relies on a strategy of developing alliances with technological partners to guarantee its customers the best solution.

Ikusi relies on a network of international technological partners sepcialized in both integration tools or PSIM and in the different specific physical/electronic security systems.

Applied software security

Ikusi is aware of the closely dependent relations between physical electronic security solutions and information systems. Its experience and knowledge in electronic security operating systems and in the design and implementation of communication networks that project for security as a specific service enable it to present software security solutions applied to physical/electronic security systems.

These solutions are grounded in the combination of professional services and technological tools in the software environment with the physical electronic security solutions, resulting in a secure and self-contained operating environment. The guarantee of availability, integrity, confidentiality and traceability ensured in the design, implementation and maintenance phases of the physical security system makes it possible to adapt traditional solutions to current contexts, from both the specific point of view of security operation and as regards efficiency in terms of the technological resources used for the purpose.

Through its applied software security solutions, Ikusi offers the possibility of integrating physical/electronic security systems into a software security architecture, facilitating systems monitoring through security software event management tools. This integrated architecture also makes it possible to incorporate automated data exchange mechanisms between the physical/electronic and software decision-making centers, offering an added value that would otherwise be unattainable.