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Ikusi presents its concept for a digital hospital at the International Conference on Hospital Administration in Jalisco

  • 1 Dec 2017
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From April 23 to 25, Ikusi will be participating at the 13th International Conference on Hospital Administration, which, on this occasion, is being held in Guadalajara under the title, ”Towards Better Practices in Hospital Management”. This is an encounter organized by the Jalisco Association of Private Hospitals, at which Ikusi is presenting different technological solutions oriented towards promoting the transition of traditional hospitals towards digital models. Ikusi's contribution to the health sector aims to increase the efficiency and quality of operations through the use of technology and the knowledge of processes.

Its innovative proposal focuses on optimizing health assistance organization management and patient satisfaction through integrated and interconnected technological solutions centering on the patient, effective for professionals, with a positive cost-profit impact.

Among the solutions that Ikusi will present at the conference are:

· BedSite, a bedside solution integrating the hospital's proprietary applications used by its staff, such as access to the patient's electronic clinical records, medical imaging, requests for laboratory testing and other services into a terminal designed for clinical use, which includes patient entertainment (TV, telephony, games, Internet…).

· Qflow, a patient care system managing steps ranging from appointment requests up to the measurement of his or her experience. Outstanding among the benefits of the platform are the protection of patient confidentiality, the organization of flows and shifts with designated priorities, the elimination of queues, the decrease of "no show" incidents and the optimization of schedule and resource availability. Likewise, this software creates interactive kiosks for the patient's location in the hospital as well as for hospital publications such as promotions, patient education or general information, among other matters.

· Careline, a remote health monitoring platform specifically designed for the automated preventive monitoring of work groups deployed to multiple locations that have to be checked periodically.

In Mexico, Ikusi can point to a success story at the Zambrano Hellion Hospital in the city of Monterrey, in Nuevo Leon. It is the first implementation of a system of its type in Latin America.