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"armadillo" is now operational in Colombia

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Ikusi Colombia has just completed a public security project in Huila, south-east Colombia, which saw the Ikusi security platform armadillo be implemented in Latin America for the first time.

The project consisted of implementing an Information Management Centre (IMC) with a crisis room and eight management sub-centres in each of the municipalities targeted by the project, among them Neiva, capital of the region with more than one million inhabitants, as well as the installation of fifty mobile cameras. The IMC initially has the information compiled from the fifty cameras that have been installed in the eight municipalities of the region of Huila, thus permitting the different strategic points in the region to be monitored, both in matters of crime prevention as well as disasters and catastrophes. These cameras are supported by an Ethernet system of communication (transmission of data and video) between each new camera and its local control centre and between each municipality and the IMC.

The IMC and the eight sub-centres offer support in crisis and disaster situations. The main IMC comprises eight operator stations, a videowall (8 x 4 m) and a Crisis Room from which all the information received can be managed via the armadillo platform. In addition, each municipality has an operator station from which the cameras for each municipality can be monitored and controlled.

All in all, the implementation of this information management centre will permit various public authorities to have accurate information in real time and in a centralized way, which will in turn have an impact on the security of citizens.