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Ikusi installs its smart ticketing machines on Mallorca’s intercity buses and trains

  • 1 Dec 2017
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The Transport Authority of Mallorca has commissioned Ikusi for the first phase of modernising the ticket machines of its intercity buses in addition to the points of sale of its train lines. In total, 60 new machines supplied to sell and validate tickets, and to recharge and cancel travel cards.

These latest generation smart ticketing machines offer several benefits for users, whether travellers or conductors or the operators of the service. Buses are fitted with machines having a touchscreen and card reader that functions using RFID / contactless technology. These machines also print tickets quickly, providing a swifter service, especially during holiday periods when the number of passengers rises noticeably.

For the operators of Mallorca’s intercity buses these are important novelties. The machines are capable of supplying real-time information at all times on the exact location of the bus and the number of passengers travelling on board. These two items of data make it possible to take measures for Mallorca’s intercity bus traffic should the need arise.

But perhaps the aspect that the Mallorca Transport Authority most appreciates is the improvement in billed tickets management and the antifraud systems that these machines provide. Sales are settled automatically issuing a receipt on the spot that includes a matrix barcode (2D barcode). This allows the operator to know how much each bus has billed in real-time, one of the preoccupations that the client had expressed in the course of the project.

Also noteworthy is the careful design of these ticketing machines whose ergonomics have elicited recognition through the Universal Design Award.

The ticketing project for the Mallorca Transport Authority positions Ikusi in the market for onboard ticketing systems for buses, at the same time as boosting its presence in the field of smart ticketing systems, where Ikusi already enjoys a strong position particularly in the railways market.