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At ACI – LAC Ikusi showcases its solutions designed to increase aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue

  • 1 Dec 2017
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One of the major challenges facing airport managers is to get the processes taking place at an airport to work efficiently. Ikusi provides operators with tools to enable the aeronautical business in these complicated infrastructures to be managed optimally and to ensure they operate efficiently.

Ikusi has an array of solutions to assist managers with the strategic management of the seasonal planning (Condor) and the daily operation (Beluga), plus a solution (spider) that provides a holistic view of airport management in real time and which facilitates the action (rather than the re-action) of its managers and operators and allows the information to be shared among the various shareholders, which benefits the global optimum. By putting these three Ikusi solutions together, airport operational efficiency is increased, its management is streamlined and, as a result, the aeronautical revenue of the airport business is increased.

Boosting Non-Aeronautical revenue

Ikusi and CA+ are also putting on the market a solution for managing non-aeronautical revenue for airports which provides airport concessionaire management with an exclusive, innovative perspective. The gathering of commercial data from the concessionaires, correlating them with the actual operating data of the airports and analysing these data using business intelligence (BI) techniques offers the airports the depth of analysis they need to focus their efforts on increasing non-aeronautical revenue, a growing trend in airport management worldwide.

The result is the capacity to develop strategies based on these marketing schemes linked to the evolution of airports on an operational level and, at the end of the day, the increase in their non-aeronautical revenue. All this comes about through the aligning of the interests and needs of the passengers/purchasers, the concessionaires and the operator itself.