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Ikusi Mexico opens its showroom

  • 1 Dec 2017
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On Friday July 31, the Ikusi IoT Showroom was opened at our offices in Torre Siglum. This project aims to leverage the knowledge of this technology, not only for engineering and operations, but to all areas. It will also help our clients to learn in more detail how our intelligent solutions work.

The showroom covers three sectors: Comprehensive Security, Health and Airports, which over 3 phases will include 100% functionality and demonstration of the solutions. The solutions implemented in the first phase in the area of Comprehensive Security are: Genetec, ISS and Cisco integration with radio, cellular, fixed telephony and paging; for Health: Q-flow and Bedsite and lastly the Dolphin solution was presented for Airports.

It is important to note that all solutions are virtualized on the Cisco platform, one of our leading technology partners.