5 advantages of using SD-WAN in your company:

More and more companies are facing an increase in traffic when sharing data in the cloud within their organizations, and add efficiency and speed of this ones to their issues.  

Not to mention security in the cloud, a subject for which there have been countless cases of frustration on the part of companies who have to learn to safeguard their information before it is stolen by malicious hackers, and that is Cloud security encompasses a wide range of controls, technologies, standards and procedures that are used to protect data, which makes us definitely need solutions that help your network be more efficient. It is because of this situation that SD-WAN software-defined networks are the best to address this problem. 

The Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), allows us to manage and control all the hardware, network and security components of our organization, in a centralized way, which allows its management keep it really simple, becoming the technology firmly established as a critical business resource that must be accessible from anywhere via direct internet connections. 

It is thanks to this tool that all current IT challenges can be addressed, since the new methods of network connectivity are increasingly extensive and at a lower cost, thereby reducing operating costs and optimizing the use of resources in multi-site deployments, without compromising data security or privacy. Can you gauge the importance of integrating multi-cloud computing resources with cross-domain access within an organization? This tool facilitates the connection of information with people anywhere and at any time, definitely improving the productivity of employees and the customer experience. 

As more employees and customers depend on mobile devices, the need for a modern and flexible network continues to grow, so it is clear that many organizations using traditional networks lack security and unified visibility that can extend from one to multiple clouds, as security risks increase substantially with much more vulnerable points of attack, so it is not surprising that each time more organizations are using SD-WAN. 

SD-WAN can efficiently provide a high level of optimization and bandwidth, whether at headquarters, branch offices or other locations, while significantly reducing costs. 

It is important to emphasize that SD-WAN works as a virtual network that is above the pure network connection level and can be programmed using SDN, the main difference with conventional wide area networks based on MPLS is that the SD- WAN strictly separates the data plane that is what carries the real data and the control plane that could be defined as responsible for controlling communication, for example, routing policies (which is responsible of finding a path among all possible in a packet network whose topologies have high connectivity) so the software is used for the management of routing information, network administration or for the configuration of security policies. 

Of course, centralized software control mechanisms ensure flexible structures that allow adding new connections or altering existing ones with a minimum effort. 

Because of these and other interesting features, it is important to know why this software is one of the favorites in companies. Therefore, we present 5 advantages of using SD-WAN in your company. 

  1. You can reduce costs: Since ISP needs less specific hardware to offer its customer their needs only, allowing companies to build their WAN to measure, paying for the service that companies really need. 
  1. Improve the performance of your applications: Better manage bandwidth, adapting it to the needs and priorities of companies in a fully personalized way. Having the control and management from a single centralized platform that allows to execute almost any change immediately. 
  1. The speed it offers is almost instantaneous: Being managed by software, everything is controlled from one place. So you will have less worries than before. 
  1. Security: For current WAN systems, which require the utility of the cloud, with the possibility that this system offers by being able to configure and distribute the bandwidth in the network, all data can be filtered through different VPNs when using the SD -WAN. In addition, thanks to the fact that the data is encrypted from end to end, its communications are supervised by a fully manageable firewall, which will make your connections a secure communication. 
  1. It has dynamic routing: In the face of application traffic to adapt the necessary bandwidth to each application, helping you to know when more bandwidth is needed and where it is required. 

Notably, in addition to cost savings by replacing MPLS with direct internet connections, what is definitely driving the transition to software-defined WAN architecture is flexibility and stability with constantly monitored smart connections with multi-cloud resources and SaaS applications that are driving the transition. It is not surprising that, in a world defined by software, people, devices, applications and undoubtedly data, are securely connected, ensuring that organizations can function efficiently while tackling digital transformation projects. 

But well, if the purpose of your organization is to reduce costs, you can adapt your networks to the needs that your company may face, in addition to solving the access requirements to your services in the cloud network, which makes SD-WAN your best option for network and cybersecurity. For this reason, we invite you to know the services that we have developed in Ikusi. 

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Do not miss the next entry in our blog, in which you will know 3 real cases in which SD-WAN saved the organization. Wait for it! 

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