A solution for the management of collaboration

The world is constantly changing at a very rapid pace and companies must have agile structures and processes to respond to market demands coming from this volatile digital environment. In such an accelerated and hyperconnected world, relationships with customers, partners and teams, as well as the ability to collaborate, make the difference and are the key for the success of any company.

In the past few years, technology has also greatly influenced the transformation of what we commonly know as unified communications that until about a decade ago was a variety of separate products, adapted to work together, which sometimes worked well and sometimes they did not.

That is why nowadays there are collaboration tools designed to unify communication to benefit collaboration and digital interaction.

Old PBX systems that are currently being replaced by VoIP technology, the constantly increasing number of mobile-enabled employees, the noticeable advance in the experience of delivery to desktop telephony, the high quality of audio, video and Messenger service, have made possible better quality virtual meetings, as well as the achievement of a high connectivity at low costs.

Many companies in Latin America, intimidated by technological challenges and costs, still retain traditional PBX systems, however, on the other side, those that have already adopted unified communications solutions have experienced the benefits of an effective customer experience and collaboration with the team.

The aspects that are valued in the acquisition of a unified communications solution are simplicity, ease of integration, accessibility and customer service which are easy to achieve through the administration and the management from the cloud.

Opting for solutions that provide tools, technology, in addition to an environment to support an increasingly mobile and skilled, team oriented and geographically dispersed workforce, may increase productivity, work agility, customer satisfaction and profitability, in addition to contribute to protect initial investment, in case changes in communications are required. Such technology, in fact, may be managed from the cloud, since they are connected to the cloud and controlled through the same.

The UCaaS Solutions provided by Ikusi, delivers a on demand model and Cloud-managed apps model which create a limitless, highly available, agile and flexible collaboration network, to work as a tool for businesses that eases the step towards the digital world.

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