Actual Market Landscape of MDR – Managed Detection and Response

Some MDR services take advantage of technologies on the host and network layers that generate and recollect security, contextual and event data that support both threat detection and incident investigation. In addition, they focus on the analysis for detection, the use of threat intelligence and the response to incidents, which can be expensive, difficult to obtain and sustain for any Company regardless of their size.

Some MDR solution providers focus on obtaining customers who have security operations or established security operation centers that need to fill specific gaps in their capabilities. While others intent to compete with the MSSPs by selectively taking advantage of existing customer security technologies to deliver a threat detection and response service.

Evolution market direction and MDR growth

MDR marketing is increasingly confusing for customers since the term MDR is being co-opted by service providers whom demonstrate few, if any, of the characteristics that define the MDR market and are actually more aligned with the MSSP market.

In response, some MDR providers focus on offering more specific experiences and services, such as critical infrastructure and manufacturing industry, which have specific OT security concerns, and the medical provider market, which faces data protection and IoT devices security.

The level of response remains an essential capacity and is increasingly a differentiator among many suppliers. Many clients chose MDR providers because of the response capabilities that differentiates them from many other MSSPs.

A well-executed incident response requires time and skill, which many don’t count on, especially when multiple threats are detected in a short period time. Deeper investigation, analysis and threat validation together with an improved guide on how to contain and mitigate the threat provides significant value to MDR customers.

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