Adoption of Unified Communication models

Business communication in current workspaces requires the integration and flexibility of collaboration tools. In other words, business communication requires a Unified Communications solution that facilitates the access to conferences, files and information sources, in addition to reducing costs, increasing competitiveness and strengthening globalization potential.

There is great pressure on IT teams, since any technology investment must be strategic and the return on the investment must be maximized, otherwise it will be replaced or forgotten, that’s why the adoption is fundamental. IT managers must face many difficulties in the middle of such a revolution of Cloud Computing, where they are often considered more of an impediment than as leaders of the innovation process.

Considering that Unified Communications bring voice calls, video, messaging, conferences and web collaboration together and in real time, how do companies make effective decisions about business value, in order to know where, when and how much to invest and implement? It’s not only about the adoption of specific solutions of Unified Communications, it is about the success of the client. We must be committed to our clients obtaining the transformation, financial and experiential benefits in which they invested through our digital solutions.

Clients seek returns on their investments and the adoption accelerates the perception of value received from Unified Communications solutions when all the capabilities and the set of functions of the products and services are used. Today’s clients are more focused on how technology will lead to business results than on product characteristics.

At Ikusi we accompany our clients throughout this path of the adoption to find the benefits focused on business indicators such as: cost reduction, increase of productivity, risk management, employee satisfaction, among others. Ikusi client’s success area and adoption practices will maximize the investment of the service offered.

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