Specialized Business Solutions

Specialized business applications oriented towards the digital transformation of different sectors.

Solutions to evolve

Application Development:

solutions that transform companies

We create specialized business applications focused on improving operational efficiency, income and user experience through the use of advanced technologies for the digital transformation that is occurring in all sectors

We believe in combining business and technology from the viewpoint of flexibility, speed and prediction, which are vital to providing technology that will endow companies with present-day competitive advantage and future projection.

Business Areas to wich we contribute value

Operation Management and Optimization
Operation Management and Optimization

Our applications promote real-time management efficiency, resource productivity, and event planning and prediction.

Commercial Development<
Commercial Development

We stimulate the increase of income and maximize return on investment through specialized business applications.


We cooperate in managing security in different sectors, reducing costs by optimizing security processes and improving the user experience by minimizing the impact of security systems.

Oficina de transformación digital
Digital Transformation Office

We drive the automation of key processes for different sectors to optimize their business management and make them more efficient every day, thanks to the integration of innovative new technologies and breakthrough solutions.

Smart Solutions for:

Ikusi is a renowned IT specialist on the airport market that brings in innovative technological solutions through proprietary development and partner alliances.

More info: www.ikusi.aero

  Airport process optimization

Slot & management coordination

Ikusi has turned the prospect of managing entire cities from a single platform into reality. We provide a global overview, pro-actively coordinating resource allocation and problem-solving processes.

More info: urbansolutions.es

Operational management

Urban management platform

Airport information


Improves patient experience during his/her hospital visit

Facilitate continuous patient contact with the hospital before, during and after the visit (managing appointments, providing directions on how to arrive and waiting times), and ensuring confidentiality.

  • Dispatch of information to the patient before the visit, such as appointment reminder, preparation for tests, waiting time, nearby parking or how to arrive
  • Privacy and confidentiality in the call to consultation
  • Patient entertainment and information during waiting times through digital posters, text messages, apps
  • Dispatch of information for observing treatment

Airport non-aviation revenue increase


Continuous chronic outpatient home monitoring

This enables working while connected to the various agents of the health system, making continuous and remote patient care possible.

  • Remote monitoring of chronic patients with multiple pathologies
  • Social health integration
  • Information exchange between patients and healthcare levels
  • Mobility management
  • Healthcare circuit automation for chronic patients


Ikusi provides solutions to improve electrical distribution grid efficiency for your assets.

More info: www.ormazabal.com

Integrated security management

Operating room management


Solution to improve electrical distributing grid efficincy and its assets

Airport service quality

passenger tracking & monitoring

Ikusi Partner Program

Do you want to implement our solutions
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Be an Ikusi partner.
Our partner program adapts to you to enable us to work hand in hand, whatever your business model. Let us work as partners.

  • Certification process for helping partners acquire skills and competences.
  • Joint business development.
  • Support for customer proposals and technological defence actions.
  • Adaptation of price and discount policies.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Joint communication and promotion.

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