Back-up as a service

Many companies in Latin America are already taking into account the cloud option for their service and/or product strategy. The advantage they may take of said option is mostly represented by the lack of physical equipment and the reduced challenges of hardware installations in the Data Centers.

IT interruptions have been a predominant issue that, for unprepared companies, have resulted in high costs of thousands or millions of dollars, in addition to downtime and data loss. Due to the constant dependence on connectivity (24 hours a day – 365 days a year) and the need to access critical data in order to properly manage the business, it is clear that reliable and affordable back-up and recovery solutions in case of disaster have never been more necessary. Most of companies that have adopted this form of work to maintain business continuity, invest significantly in this type of back-up and disaster recovery solutions in order to avoid scenarios that may have a huge impact on company’s operations.

Fortunately, cloud solutions have revolutionized the way disasters can be managed.

What organizations want today is to use cloud and benefit of such key IT processes. When a disaster occurs, companies need reliable and effective on demand solutions to minimize losses and restore availability quickly, even in seconds.

How do these solutions work?

The BaaS (Back-up as a Service) facilitates the creation of back-ups through a platform, so that companies have only to define the critical business data to be backed up; this helps to create a vault in a public or private cloud which will comply with current information retention policies in the organizations.

The next step in the configuration process of a BaaS solution consists of a data exchange which results in encrypting the communication and makes it safe and reliable.

A BaaS solution will offer the following benefits to your company:

  • Encrypted back-ups in the cloud.
  • Short and long term data retention.
  • An interface easy to use.
  • Instant back-ups in the cloud.
  • Keeping data secure against ransomware and human errors.
  • Efficient use of bandwidth and storage.
  • Several storage options to guarantee high availability of data.
  • Automatic storage management.
  • Download of local back-up.
  • Compatibility with different virtualization providers.

IKUSI has specific back-up and disaster-oriented services and a set of tools that facilitates the implementation of a BaaS solution within physical or virtualized environments. Throughout the entire design and implementation process, IKUSI provides the support of experts to ensure that companies have the solution designed according to their (previously defined and improved) needs and requirements.

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