New Smart City Model

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Our cities are gradually incorporating systems that are making them smarter: stop-light controls that adapt to traffic, street lamps that light up more intensely when pedestrians are detected, irrigation systems that do not go off when rain is forecast, traffic panels orienting drivers based on traffic flow and congestion, and an infinite list of cases of use to improve the city.

Technological solutions have made these advances possible. However, city administrators are demanding one step further for these systems to function as though they were part of a self-regulating ecosystem.

In the next few weeks, at Ikusi, we will be presenting Spider, our new urban management platform. We are going to place a tool at the disposal of city and regional administrators to manage all the subsystems, which will provide them with an overview, cross-relating processes to coordinate resources and resolve problems pro-actively, anticipating their occurrence.

Spider is the upper layer of our offer in Urban Solutions. However, we have much more to give the market. In reality, Spider is the result of our solid range in smart security, mobility and environmental solutions, the fruit of over 30 years of Ikusi experience in these key city areas.

The Spider platform, together with our other solutions, positions us at a favorable point of departure to become a reference technological partner in smart city development. This is our calling, and soon we will be able to compare our product on the market, since we have designed a full campaign to launch the urban management platform, which will see one of its principal milestones at the Barcelona Smart City World Expo in November.