Smart Airports

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Smartisation, digitization, big data, those are actual words that are also becoming a reality in the Airport business. Why? Because, airports are complex mechanisms where different stakeholders interact and where the flow of information among them, avoiding silos, is critical to reach an optimum performance in the airport as a whole. In that sense, Collaborative decision-making as a result of analyzing interrelated data from different sources and systems points the way to the future. Digital transformation is here and disruption of new technologies will change how we perceive as passengers the airport experience, which will also affect the P&L of airport stakeholders.

Having this in mind, there is a need to develop airport solutions transforming those infrastructures into smart airports worldwide. In other words, intelligent assets where information is constantly captured, processed and integrated. With a customer-centric goal: ensuring that decisions are correctly made in a collaborative way, planning is improved, non-aeronautical revenues are increased, resource allocation is optimised… And as a result of all this, passenger experience is maximised.

Ikusi is a renowned IT specialist in the airport market. We offer a proposal based on our deep knowhow on the airport business on one side and mastery over the state of the art technologies on the other side. This is the foundation of our solutions and services targeted towards the increase of operational efficiency and the improvement of passenger experience. Those two, being the greatest challenges that airport managers are facing today and realities that are intimately linked.

Listening and aligning ourselves with the specific objectives of our customers is key to become their strategic partner. We help them grow and grow with us. This added-value offer has enabled Ikusi solutions and services to be present in more than 130 airports in 25 countries and 4 continents, serving 250 million passengers. IKUSI brings close to 40 years of experience in the field.