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A more sustainable network for a service provider by Ikusi

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A more sustainable network for a service provider by Ikusi

A leading service provider company in Mexico has contracted Ikusi for a project to enable its users and subscribers to continue surfing the Internet, but using a technology that helps to save space and electricity consumption, without loss of quality.

  • Sector: Service providers
  • Location: México

The solution

To this end, Ikusi has proposed replacing the equipment currently in operation with F5 equipment from the Viprion 4800 family, which is capable of switching 1.12 Terabits per second.

To get an idea of the capabilities of these devices, it should be noted that a Viprion device occupies less than half a rack and that to match the data switching capacity of other manufacturers’ devices would require 2.5 racks and would multiply energy consumption by 4.

This project is especially relevant, since without this implementation it would not be possible to achieve the necessary bandwidth growth throughout the network so that the telecommunications services company would continue to have the capacity to add more users to its network.