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A scalable data center success story

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A scalable data center success story.

Credit reporting companies, like many other organizations in the banking sector, have experienced the need to increase their number of applications in order to provide new services to their end customers. A service that brings with it the need to increase the amount of equipment within their data center.

  • Sector: Financial
  • Location: Colombia

The Challenge

The Cisco ACI solution sold by Ikusi has provided an important credit information company in Colombia with the benefits of scaling in a controlled and easy way that meets the customer’s business requirements. The objective was to include new services in the data center, for which Ikusi determined the number and type of switches to be acquired.

The solution

These new devices allow the credit information company to keep the administration unchanged, that is, from a single management plane, while providing simplicity when incorporating new equipment, since they do not need to make any changes that impact the architecture.

They are now working with the client to finish implementing all their data center equipment, always focused with the roadmap that Ikusi and the company defined a few years ago to evolve towards a MultiDomain architecture, where the different Campus, WAN and Data Center controllers are integrated so that consistent policies are maintained, end to end, when their users are accessing from anywhere, any device to any application that may be deployed in their private or public clouds.

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