Case studies

Biele: monitoring and predictive maintenance application

Provided services

Facilitates monitoring of production lines and their predictive maintenance and control

Ikusi, a company specializing in digital business transformation, has digitized in collaboration with Biele Group a first automated manufacturing line installed by the Gipuzkoan company.

  • Client: Biele Group
  • Location: Spain
  • Technology solution: Big Data

The Challenge

Both companies have collaborated in the definition and implementation of an application that will allow Biele Group and its customers to monitor their production lines, enabling advanced maintenance and continuous improvement in the productivity of their plants.

This is an innovative tool in industrial digitalization at all levels that Ikusi, together with Rockwell Automation, is promoting in the market. From the internal point of view, this new software monitors the production lines supplied by Biele Group, providing timely information on their status and thus optimizing the processes of its customers. Thus, thanks to the advanced maintenance, the shutdown scheduling will be improved, since the company will know in advance when or in which strategic points of the plant will be necessary, among other applications.

The solution

This fact will also allow Biele Group to make all these advantages available to its customers, since it will be able to offer them the services provided thanks to this tool as a differential part of its proposal for the lines it markets, i.e., it will be able to sell its production lines accompanied by advanced services with the software that Ikusi has implemented and put into operation.

The process has been developed in Biele Wood, the wood production lines division of the Gipuzkoan company and has lasted approximately 7 months from its definition to its final implementation, with an investment that Ikusi and Biele Group have contributed jointly.