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First step in the digital transformation of Medgaz

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A tailor-made solution to boost the digitization of Medgaz

Medgaz is considered by the European Union to be a strategic infrastructure and at Ikusi we are continually looking for strategic sectors in which to accelerate digital transformation.

That is why, with our partner Cisco, we have designed a solution that really increases efficiency in the operation of the pipeline.

  • Client: Medgaz
  • Location: Spain
  • Technology solution: Cisco Expert On Demand

The Challenge

Medgaz is an underwater natural gas pipeline between Algeria and Spain, more than 700 kilometers long, which, by its very nature, requires constant maintenance work, supervision and validation of all the steps and technical interventions by experts. But it is not always easy for the expert to be in the field.

The solution

To address this need, Ikusi has implemented collaboration software on a device that is worn like a pair of glasses with a front-facing camera attached to the head or helmet, allowing video conferencing while sharing images, videos and documents for remote experts to guide, support or supervise work in the field.

All operations are fully voice-controlled, allowing operators to have their hands free for the tasks at hand, while sharing their field of vision and voice with remote experts.

This solution is based on Cisco Expert On Demand collaboration software on the Realwear HMT-1Z1 device.

This new practice applicable to multiple environments such as warehouses, production lines in industry, stores/branches of all types of companies (textile, catering, banking, etc.) offers multiple benefits such as increased productivity, improved processes and operation times, cost savings and regulatory compliance.