Case studies

Network upgrade for the deployment of services to end customers

Provided services

Soluciones para reforzar el CORE del Service Provider

A well-known telecommunications services company, in its commitment to offer a quality service to its growing number of subscribers, needs to reinforce its infrastructure.

  • Sector: Service providers
  • Location: México

The Challenge

Due to the growing demand for Internet services resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, telecommunications operators had to reinforce their technological infrastructures in order to continue providing services to users who are now working or studying from home.

The solution

Through technology for internet operators, Ikusi can provide the customer with enough capacity to continue providing its usual quality service.

The project contemplates increasing the internet output to 800Gb, having an intercore link connecting the provider’s second most important site to 400Gb and adding 120Gb to the cache where the servers of subscription-based applications such as Google, Netflix and Facebook are located, improving the end-user experience.