Case studies

Security project for a department store chain

Provided services

Implementation of an access control system

Deployment of a project to improve operational efficiency in the field of security, automating its operational and security processes, thereby seeking to optimize resources and reuse as much as possible of the technology currently installed.

  • Sector: Retail
  • Location: Mexico

The Challenge

Optimize available security resources through the deployment of an access control system.

The solution

Ikusi is developing a project for the implementation of an access control system that will allow 12 Logistics Distribution Centers (CEDIS) of an important chain of warehouses in Mexico and Latin America to be added to the security scheme already installed in the business units, which have intrusion detection systems, fire, video and Emergency Attention Center.

The system handles a total of 3,200 entries per operating shift at the 12 CEDIS, including associates, visitors, contractors, supply, delivery and service vehicles.

In the first stage, this project will optimize security personnel resources, with security technology, and will implement the processes (operation and security) automatically, supervised and controlled from a central site, Command Center, and a backup site.

In this way, the chain will optimize available resources (technical, technological and personnel). It will also improve operational efficiency by automating its operating and safety processes, thereby optimizing resources and reusing the technology currently installed as much as possible.