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Design engineering, industrialization, manufacturing and testing of complex electronic cards for clients that require high quality standards of products and services.

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Reliability, customised support and proven experience

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    years in electronic manufacturing
  • Global implementation
    Global implementation
  • Center of excellence in electronic manufacturing services
    Center of excellence in electronic manufacturing services


  • Reconocimiento plata
    Reconocimiento plata
  • ISO 9001
    ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
    ISO 13485
  • ISO 14001
    ISO 14001
  • IRIS
  • OH SAS 18001
    OH SAS 18001



La compañía española SEDECAL, líder mundial en diseño y fabricación OEM de generadores de alta frecuencia y sistemas de rayos-x, ha confiado en Ikusi para la industrialización, el diseño del test funcional y el suministro en serie de una placa de control por múltiples microprocesadores de un generador de rayos X de alta frecuencia que es capaz de mejorar la calidad de la imagen, reducir la dosis de los pacientes, operar de manera eficiente y extender la vida útil del tubo. La certificación ISO 13485 de Ikusi Electronics ha facilitado el cumplimiento de los exigentes requisitos de calidad.. 


Ikusi Electronics is an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) company, focused on design engineering, industrialization, manufacturing, testing and after-sales service of complex electronic equipment and systems for clients who require high quality standards. We develop our activity for different sectors, among them Energy, Electromedicine, Railway Transport, Industry and Multimedia.


In Ikusi Electronics we are focused on satisfying the needs and expectations of our interest groups understanding as such clients, people who work in and for the Organization, society, suppliers and other alliances and shareholders.


We maintain a clear commitment to total quality, competitiveness and internal efficiency, signs of identity of our company project that give us value, while representing a solid guarantee of safeguarding the interests of our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.


We pursue a primary objective: that our products and services are of excellent quality and meet all the requirements and expectations of our customers throughout their entire life cycle. Reliable and safe products and services for our team of people, customers, society and the environment. 


In Ikusi Electronics we always seek excellence and continuous improvement in our products and services, as well as in our management system and processes. To do so, we proactively assume the philosophy of continuous improvement in all our areas of activity. So that we advance, with the involvement of all the people who make up the Organization, towards Business Excellence.


To this end, we are committed to:
- Fulfill our commitment to total quality, competitiveness and internal efficiency.
- To supply products on time, reliable, that satisfy all the applicable contractual, legal and technical requirements and the safety requirements of each project.
- Implement a responsible management, ensuring the improvement of processes in the field of quality, health and safety, and the environment.
- Promote the culture of prevention, encouraging training in preventive matters at all levels of responsibility throughout the Organization.
- Ensure effective consultation and participation of workers and their representatives and provide them with the best working conditions for the prevention of accidents. 
- Integrate prevention in all our activities and processes.
- Reduce the environmental impact of our products, services and processes by minimizing the generation of waste and optimizing consumption.
- Establish and review objectives that aim to prevent pollution.


And we rely on:
- A team of people involved in a management system that is constantly evolving and improving, and in the fulfilment of our commitment and objective.
- The application of the best available techniques and the continuous innovation in the processes involved in the products and services.
- The fulfillment of the legal, contractual and technical requirements applicable to the activity of the Organization.
- The search for the improvement of working conditions and interaction with the environment.