Ikusi keeps organizations safe during this contingency

Today, we facing up a global health crisis, where reality has been redefined. We are experiencing a new course of things, which is changing daily and have forced many organizations or their people to work remotely and reorient overnight their work plans. This situation has also increased cybersecurity attacks towards remote workers and their devices.

The following are some figures that remote collaborators should take into account.

The increase in the percentage of workforce that is now working remotely and is no longer protected within the perimeter of company’s network:

  • 81% of intrusions involve compromised credentials;
  • 52% of respondents reported that mobile devices are difficult to protect;
  • 27% of organizations currently use multi-factor authentication (MFA).

How are we going to support organizations?

We will provide, in collaboration with Cisco, our technology partner, 3 cybersecurity solutions to support organizations:

  • Safe Remote Connections through Cisco Annyconnect (for users with Cisco firewall infrastructure)
  • With the support provided by Cisco UMBRELLA solution, we offer secure Internet browsing through Ikusi’s WASP product, no matter where users are located, inside or outside the VPN.
  • Robust user validation solution that allows to strengthen the access to user applications through Cisco DUO.
  • Solution to defend Endpoints from the most advanced malware attacks, through Cisco AMP with Ikusi’s WASP product.

Customers who already have these solutions can exceed their maximum user capacity until July 1, at no charge.

On the other hand, customers who still do not have any of these options, may activate them for 90 days at no charge.

Please e-mail us at redes@ikusi.com or leave your information through our form.

Our purpose is to be an ally and to support our clients by providing effective security solutions, ensuring business continuity to manage secure information from any location and prevent connections to malicious servers that could infect their computers. All the above with the support of Ikusi’s specialists and our partner Cisco who are ready to provide any support users may require.

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