On-demand services

Growing has never been as easy as it is with on-demand services

SD-WAN management

Visibility, Monitoring and Centralized Management: The Future of the WAN

Managing next-generation networks is a job that can be made even easier with the right visibility into network traffic, usage and providers. This is possible with SD-WAN management, an as-a-service solution for next-generation enterprise networks, which includes provisioning, operation and consulting through our Customer Experience area, as well as access to Ikusi Intelligence for SDWAN.


A proper protection strategy will help your organization grow.

Cybersecurity is undoubtedly the cornerstone of digital transformation. That is why Ikusi has developed solutions focused on protecting the assets of organizations from the most attacked vector which is the end user, we achieve this with a specific on-demand solution for it.

On the other hand, we know that the industry is undergoing a revolution where now the OT and IT worlds converge, that is why we have developed a service specifically for operational technology.

Full cycle services

The end-to-end solution for organizations

The digitization and transformation of organizations requires advanced solutions that cover different aspects of the operation. That is why Ikusi has developed full-cycle services that help fulfill different functions in an integrated manner, covering everything from connectivity to network security, as well as improving the user experience. All this in a single full-cycle solution.


Cloud as a service

The future is in the cloud
Ikusi’s on-demand cloud services are specialized in maintaining the operational and business continuity of organizations, as we have backup services, disaster recovery, infrastructure, in addition to providing virtual desktop services. All these services have been designed to take organizations to an advanced level of optimization, security and digital transformation.

Advanced collaboration

Improve productivity through the optimal performance of your communication infrastructure.
Now more than ever, collaboration has become a vital tool for any organization and that is why we have created advanced collaboration services that adapt to the specific needs of the client, facilitating monitoring and control of expenses, customer service and telephone security.