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Ikusi and Aryse launch a proposal for security technology solutions and services for the prevention of COVID-19

  • 29 May 2020
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  • The proposal includes solutions for temperature control, capacity control, distance between people and disinfection and hygiene measures
  • These solutions and services will be presented in a webinar on 7 May at 4 p.m.
  • The information is also available at the following address

Ikusi and Aryse have combined their experience and capabilities in digital transformation, integration and engineering to ensure the security of multiple infrastructures by designing a proposal for turnkey security technology solutions and services.

The proposal is based on three main groups of solutions: body temperature measurement solutions with radiometric and thermographic cameras, crowd analysis and proximity tracking by wifi infrastructure and load disinfection systems using fogging.

Ikusi and Aryse have also added to their range of solutions and services with Cisco Meraki technology to control the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  Specifically thinking in highly industrial environments, they have added to their proposal an industrial helmet with an augmented reality visor that allows workers to get assistance from experienced technicians through a video call, maintaining full situational awareness and maximum productivity.

These solutions allows to implement all the preventive measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19, through the identification of potential infected people by using remote temperature measurement, access control without contact through facial recognition. Knowledge of the behavior of people within the infrastructure and decision making about the effectiveness of the preventive measure, based on the indicator of temperature, capacity and distance between people.

Ikusi and Aryse add to their proposal services to adapt the set of solutions to the reality and processes of each client and each sector. This through advice and design of the solution, a turnkey project, services for the operation, exploitation and enhancement of the information obtained and through a service model for accompaniment in the short, medium and long term.
This new proposal is in addition to the secure, cloud-based connectivity and collaboration solutions that Ikusi and Aryse have made available to the market since the beginning of the health crisis to guarantee the continuity of companies' ordinary working activities.

A webinar for more information

In order for interested people to get to know first-hand the proposal of technological security solutions and services designed by Ikusi and Aryse for the prevention of Covid-19, a webinar will be held on 7 May from 4-5.15 p.m. In this informative session, issues such as the role of Ikusi in the current situation regarding the Covid-19, remote temperature control solutions by camera and the monitoring of the effectiveness of preventive measures will be addressed. Anyone interested in participating in the webinar can do so by registering at this link: