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Ikusi Electronics in the Euskalit club

  • 1 Dec 2017
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Ikusi Electronics continues advancing towards its aim of obtaining two endorsements granted by Euskalit, the Basque Government Foundation for Promoting Advanced Management for Competitiveness, and has obtained the Diploma of the 5S Area after passing the assessment carried out by a team of assessors from the 5S Club in Cell 4 of the Multimedia mini-Factory.

The result of the assessment exceeded the score needed to gain admittance to the 5S Club and even to obtain a diploma in the area. From now onwards and until the end of the financial year Ikusi Electronics has set itself the aim of assessing all its cells and the warehouse to obtain the Silver Q award that is given for introducing the 5S management method across 70% of the organisation.

As regards the Advanced Management Model, in October Ikusi Electronics will be receiving a visit from an Euskalit team of assessors who will be carrying out an analysis of the progress made by the organisation with respect to this model. During this assessment the team will be analysing the level of progress in the management of the different components of the model (Strategy, Customers, People, Society and Innovation) and at the end they will be highlighting the most significant strengths and areas for improvement.

Ikusi and Euskalit

Through its Organisation department Ikusi collaborates with Euskalit on a regular basis. This very year two people belonging to the organisation have been trained as external assessors, which means that four Ikusi people are now members of the Euskalit Assessors’ Club, which aims to increase the management level of organisations.