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Digital Talent-building: Data Analytics and Blockchain Training

  • 15 Jan 2018
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A numerous group of professionals from Ikusi as well as other Velatia Group companies have started the year in training at a master course in data analytics, to be held over the next few months in both classroom and webinar session formats.

Training of the company’s own professionals, along with the recent recruitment of new profiles, such as data scientists and big data architects, forms part of a process in which Ikusi is immersed in its thrust to develop business applications and services, which, by obtaining valuable information through data analysis, can facilitate clients a qualitative leap in their respective businesses.

This continuous training strategy as a basis for continuing to innovate will press on with the study of the contribution of different technologies – among them, the blockchain, to be the subject of a new seminar – to Ikusi’s spheres of activity.