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We increase the profitability of airport infrastructures by raising process efficiency and non-airport income, while at the same time improving security, strategic planning and passenger experience.

All this is achieved through a process of digitilization and automating key sector processes by integrating solutions that enable access, data capture and relevant data processing in airport activities.

What can we offer you?

  • We integrate technological solutions that resolve present and future airport requirements, managing transitions and implementing technologies to supplement existing systems.

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  • We develop specialized business applications oriented to optimizing the management of airport operations, anticipating decision-making through data capture and processing, and improving passenger experience.

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  • We design, implement and supply IT technology and infrastructure, bringing our knowledge and experience into areas with specific requirements such as airports.

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Santiago de Chile Airport

Ikusi has deployed a solution to improve and optimize airport processes to ensure quality in concession management and operation at the Santiago de Chile Airport. This was a project commissioned by NUEVO PUDAHUEL, a group composed of the ADP Group, VINCI Airports and Astaldi Concessioni, the airport concession holder since April 2015.

Ikusi implemented a software tool to check service levels (SL-SIC) that makes it possible to audit, coordinate, record and obtain real-time information on all the systems and processes associated to the operative functioning of the airport, as well as verify the conditions for rendering and operating the services.

By integrating the data from existing systems, this solution monitors KPIs (quality indicators) and compares them with the standards or targets defined in the concession contract, such as waiting times, temperatures, luggage arrival times, terminal occupancy, etc.