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Ikusi improves the quality of life in cities and strengthens their economic development, integrating information from different sources and agents into a single technological platform to conduct monitoring, analysis and prediction processes, generate the tools required to know the overall status and evolution of the city

At the same time, perform detailed follow-up on the different processes supporting the policies and measures designed to achieve more sustainable and smarter cities.

What can we offer you?

  • We integrate the different operating systems of cities and provide their managers with an overview of the different processes to enable them to manage urban services effectively.

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  • • We develop specialized business applications that help you to understand, analyze and improve the city’s public service management model, transforming data into business intelligence.

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  • We design, implement and supply IT technology and infrastructure, bringing our knowledge and experience into areas with specific requirements such as cities.

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Mérida (México)

Ikusi is going to develop a project in the Mexican city of Mérida, where it will deploy a set of solutions for the smart management of services and activities for the central area of this city to improve residents’ quality of life and optimize local government solutions, such as real-time customized information on public transport alternatives or better pedestrian routes based on population concentrations.

This project joins the pilot project that Ikusi has developed for the Mérida city council to install an urban management system to govern all city subsystems, with an overview of interrelated processes for coordinating resources and resolving problems pro-actively.