Technological solutions and consultancy for health administrators to optimize hospital management and improve patient experience.


What we can offer

We develop technology that resolves the real needs of hospitals using proprietary methods, co-creating solutions with management teams, working on transition management and implementing technologies to supplement existing systems.

Our targets are to improve resource management, anticipating decision-making, reducing waiting lists and enabling continuous healthcare, improving the experience of patients and their family members.

Smart Solutions for Healthcare


Improves patient experience during his/her hospital visit

Facilitate continuous patient contact with the hospital before, during and after the visit (managing appointments, providing directions on how to arrive and waiting times), and ensuring confidentiality.

  • Dispatch of information to the patient before the visit, such as appointment reminder, preparation for tests, waiting time, nearby parking or how to arrive
  • Privacy and confidentiality in the call to consultation
  • Patient entertainment and information during waiting times through digital posters, text messages, apps
  • Dispatch of information for observing treatment

Continuous chronic outpatient home monitoring

This enables working while connected to the various agents of the health system, making continuous and remote patient care possible.

  • Remote monitoring of chronic patients with multiple pathologies
  • Social health integration
  • Information exchange between patients and healthcare levels
  • Mobility management
  • Healthcare circuit automation for chronic patients


Operating room management


Zambrano Hellion Hospital (México)

Zembrano Hellion Hospital began to operate in 2012 with the purpose of innovating in medical practice. For this reason, it focused on initiatives to improve patient experience, offering superior entertainment, communication and service options during hospital stays. 

Ikusi drew up a project that included, among other innovations, the development and configuration of bedSite terminals equipped for entertainment, hospital services and patient information functions as well as clinical functions for medical personnel, integrating bedSite and Dashboard applications to enable staff to attend to requests coming from the rooms and to optimize resources based on the levels of healthcare on record and the development and installation of the Wayfinding orientation system to guide hospital visitors, exploiting the hospital's internal traffic flow data.