Efficiency in port enclosure management through traffic flow and access control.

Promoting port activity

We develop integration projects that serve the need to guarantee safety while maximizing resource efficiency in the operation of these infrastructures that are so strategic to the economy

What can we offer you?

  • We integrate the security solutions of market reference partners to ensure the safety of these critical infrastructures, guaranteeing the continuity of their activity and resource optimization, and meeting the integration standards defined by the different port authorities.

  • We develop business applications specialized in the area of port infrastructure security.

  • We design, implement and supply IT technology and infrastructure, bringing our knowledge and experience into areas with specific requirements, such as ports .

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Port of Barcelona

The port of Barcelona needed to control heavy vehicles access effectively without interrupting or delaying the usual operations of the infrastructure, placing the information on the access of such vehicles at the disposal of different agents (police, operations, customs, etc.).

Moreover, the solution to be developed had to be compatible with the advanced technological resources of the Barcelona port, under a strategy of systems integration that would permit the efficient management of ports procedures –a philosophy that made it mandatory for any techonoly-based solution to meet the integration standards defined by the Port Authority.