Technological solutions for a digital world

All the companies, organizations and industries must face the challenge of adapting to the digitalization in order to keep their levels of productivity in the market and survive in this constantly evolving and increasingly competitive economic environment.

Digital transformation is a necessary requirement to fulfill to be competitive. As laid down in the study prepared by the consultancy firm IDC, one of every three companies that incorporates new technologies into its work and business plan, experiences a relevant growth. Digital transformation will be of great impact even for global economy, since it is estimated that the digital economy will keep increasing and by 2021, 50% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be generated by companies which have undergone a digital transformation process.

However, for many companies, taking this step is not simple. On contrary, it represents a complex process which requires professional and technical support by, for example, a qualified IT team.

At Ikusi we are committed to excellence, technology, sustainability and of course people; our main interest is to help companies to take said step to digital transformation. Our support aims at simplifying the complexities of the transition through technological solutions for everything which is coming in trend for 2020.

Although the most popular subjects in 2018 were Cloud, Edge Compute, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, etc., in 2020 we will assist to the growth of technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence and advanced data analysis.

We are focused on solutions. We design, implement and manage technologies and infrastructures for several industries, and provide innovative tools for network architecture, cloud platforms, collaboration, cybersecurity, internet of things, among others.

Among our cybersecurity solutions, we provide protection to companies’ resources, through the hybrid wasp® model, which protects fixed and portable computing resources, allows vulnerability management in a timely manner and identifies the level of exposure of the network to avoid information risks. Critical infrastructures will keep being subject of extortions, botnets will detonate distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) against OT networks, which could affect or even stop the production.

Likewise, we provide managed cybersecurity services 24/7 to protect from computer risks and share with our business partners the best practices of our C-SOC. The implementation of 5G will bring new challenges, since 5G networks are defined by software and threats will arise from operations with vulnerable software and of distributed topology, so that several agents will try to gain the control of such software in order to hijack the network.

Even without disregarding the issue of high connectivity, companies need to establish and keep efficient communication between employees, customers and partners, through collaboration solutions based on a unified communication model as a service and collaboration in the Cloud, to ensure continuity of the business of the company, no matter where work teams are located. According to IDC calculations, 50% of these solutions will be supplied as a service (UCaaS) in 2020.

We not only develop solutions but want to accompany our clients on their process to digital transformation by providing managed network and IT services, as well as consulting services, under a 24/7 scheme. Our mission is to generate new and better business opportunities for companies. We invite you to learn more about our solutions and services, so that you can start 2020 by making a great leap to digital development.

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